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Columbia University study states the average American knows about 600 people of which 62% (372) own homes. They sell about every 13 years. That means that every year 28.6 people you know are going to be moving. You just dont know which ones or when...so you have to keep in touch with all 372 of them. We can do that for you a couple of times a month for less than the cost of taking -one- of them to lunch....including tip. To "Learn More" go to www.realtyinsites.com


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Netvaluecentral has created the FIRST and ONLY on-line client followup and contact program incorporating records from multiple sources that your past clients, present clients, friends, relatives, neighbors can access through your personal website address. Provide monthly neighborhood reports to hundreds of homeowners for less that what it would cost to take ONE of them to lunch...including tip. We have sent out 3,021,954 neighborhood reports to 58,183 homeowners in Maricopa County in a beta test lasting 18 months. Interested?? Go to www.realtyinsites.com and click "Learn More" or go to the demo page at https://demo.realtyinsites.com



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